Siblings at orientation?

<p>For those parents who have been through orientation before, do you recommend bringing siblings along? I know they'd like to see the dorm, etc., but wonder if there are just too many informational sessions aimed at the parents.</p>

<p>yeah it will motivate them to work hard in school so they can do as well as their older brother/sister and go to nd. </p>

<p>don't drag them along if they aren't interested in going, but if they are then definitely bring them.</p>

<p>i would say don't force them to go but if they want to then sure - there are a good number of information sessions, but it can be a great way to start looking at colleges for sophomore/junior siblings or just to see an awesome campus for younger siblings.</p>

<p>Since we were flying, and younger son had football practice, it was an easy decision to leave him behind. Going through the orientation, we were relieved he was not being dragged to all the parent events, Bed, Bath and Beyond and Target runs and general move in mayhem. This is not to say there were not lots of siblings, there were! We went back for a football game in October and brought our younger son. That's when he saw the dorm and met his brother's new friends.</p>

<p>If you are driving to ND will there be room in the car? We were astounded to see how much more local students brought!</p>