Siblings Legacy??

<p>So I know there have been a few other threads on this, but I can't seem to find a straight answer to this question.
I am a junior at a very competitive high school. Last year, I took AP psych and AP European History. I received a 5 on both exams. This year, I am taking AP statistics, AP US History, and AP Biology. Next year, I am planning on taking 6 more APs. My weight GPA is a 100.5, and my uw is a 95.4 after some high school classes that I took in 8th grade, fresh and soph year. After this year, my GPA will probably be around a 95.3 or 95.2 uw, and probably go up a little to around a 101 weighted. I am also involved in a lot of extracurricular activities, research, and have positions in several clubs. So basically I think I'm pretty qualified and might be able to get in on my own merit. I think my GPA is a little low but I'm hoping for a high SAT score (above 2200) which would make up for that..</p>

<p>So my real question is, I have two siblings at Upenn, as well as an uncle who attended. Does this help me at all? If so, how much? Do you think this could make up for my lower GPA? Also, do colleges take into accoutn the weighted GPA or just the uw? Thanks!</p>

<p>Sorry, but you only get legacy status if your parents or grandparents attended. In your essay you could mention how a lot of your family went there, which might help, but you won't be considered a legacy. Colleges take into account your grades, with consideration of your course rigor in the context of your high school. Forget about the weighted vs unweighted dilemma, if Penn sees that you take hard classes and get good grades you're fine. I'm not sure what your grades translate to on a 4.0 scale, but I'm sure they're fine.</p>

<p>Baseballkid224, I had a similar question since my brother is a Penn right now and I am applying next year. dfree124, so sibling legacy doesn't count at all? Don't they at least consider that?</p>

<p>Having siblings who attend/attended Penn definitely helps. It's pretty comparable to being a legacy. There was actually an article about it in the Daily Pennsylvanian last year. I also know a lot of people who have/had siblings at Penn and a few whose siblings will actually be coming next year.</p>

<p>I'd take your word over mine Poeme, but when I visited the admissions officer said that they only give "legacy status" to those with parents and grand parents who attended. That said, I'm sure it's an advantage if you have a sibling there already.</p>

<p>Note that legacies aren't considered during regular decision at Penn.</p>

<p>OP is a junior</p>

<p>The Penn supplement does not specifically ask if a sibling is a Penn student or alum (as it does for parents and grandparents, and as it does for siblings who are also applying to Penn during that cycle), but you can--and I'd say SHOULD--mention Penn student/alum siblings in your Penn essay as a source of knowledge about Penn and what it's like to be an undergrad there.</p>