<p>When it asks for siblings should I include my dads two daughters from another mother. The two sisters have gone to college (emory, U san diego) so would this help, or is it talking about same set parents siblings</p>

<p>Yes. I included my half-siblings on my application.</p>

<p>and also whats the best answer to how did u first become interested in our college</p>

<p>is on the internet fine or whats a good one lol</p>

<p>Just be honest. If you found it on the internet say so.</p>

<p>ok ... lol.. i just didnt know if it would sound thoughtless or not</p>

<p>thanks for both msg</p>

<p>No problem, better to be honest than make up some great sounding lie.</p>

<p>It wouldn't hurt. Different colleges care about siblings to different degrees.</p>