sick for SAT2.. questions

<p>Hello. I've been looking through this site for a while as a guest and just decided to make an account. Today, I planned on taking an SAT Subject Test, but I woke up with a pounding headache and did not feel well enough to take the test. From my previous reading, I'm pretty sure that the tests will not be scored, and the scores will not be sent to colleges. (I did not plan to do this anyway) But I do have some questions:</p>

<p>a) I know there is the option to retake the test if you call the College Board and request it and possibly pay a fee, but I do not wish to retake it, since the next test date is in December, and I feel that in December, I will be much less prepared. If I do not retake it, what does the score show up as?</p>

<p>b) What will the score show up as in my score sheet?</p>

<p>c) Should I be worried about this if I want to apply to an HYPSM college, Ivy League, or another prestigious college?</p>

<p>Thank you so much for your time and concern :D</p>

<p>Of course they are not going to give you any scores
you didn't TAKE the test they can't just give you 200
simply no test = no score</p>

<p>and where do you live? the next test date is December?
try finding test centres that administer SATs in October and November
Most of them do...</p>

<p>Good Luck!</p>

<p>it's not that they don't administer tests soon, it's just that the world SAT2 is only in june and december</p>

<p>I did this last year. I didn't show up, and didn't receive a score. I lost my money though.</p>