Sick freshman year


I was sick all of freshman year (I missed at least 2 days of school every week and parts of days also). I missed a lot of instruction and that led to me getting a C+ in biology honors, B in Algebra 2 (semester class), a B in French, a semester AP Econ I took, and an A- in another semester math course. I’m a rising senior and I got straight As during sophomore and junior year after my health got better. I also did a lot of research, volunteering, created a non profit, and I also shadowed a doctor. I’m also going to one of best schools in the nation known for its rigor. I took many difficult courses also. I think I’ll get wonderful recommendations from my teachers and my counselor (who will also mention my illness). I will mention it in the additional information section also. What are my chances for getting into a combined medical program? How about a normal medical program? I’m also trying for very competitive colleges and I have a particular interest in the PLME program at Brown. Will my bad grades during freshman year due to my sickness affect my chances a lot? Or are college admissions officers considerate and know I am a good student which can be shown by my upward trend of grades?


I got an A- in the semester Econ class

I volunteered at a hospital 3 times a week.

Weighted gpa 9th grade: 3.875
Unweighted gpa 9th grade: 3.51875

Weighted gpa including high school courses I took in middle school and 9th grade only: 4.0
Unweighted gpa including high school courses I took in middle school and 9th grade only: 3.65

Weighted gpa until before senior year (pre-freshman, sophomore, junior): 4.38889
Unweighted gpa until before senior year (pre-freshman, sophomore, junior) : 4.1537

I was also an INTEL semi finalist and went to nationals for Siemens if that helps!