Sick of the words Prestigious and Top

<p>Anyone else think these are the top two most over and misused words on this and other college sites? What other words used consistently to refer to colleges and high schools bug the heck out of you?</p>

<p>“dream school”</p>

<p>“In love with”, “tippy top”.</p>

<p>“Best program”</p>

<p>Crapshoot and discrimination.</p>

<p>Elite education/campus/university</p>

<p>“chance me”</p>

<p>“middle class”</p>

<p>URM, athlete, legacy</p>

<p>Second tier, third tier</p>

One person’s “safety” is another one’s “dream school”.
There’s more to colleges ( and students ) than “numbers”.</p>

<p>How about " my daughter/son refuses to go to an in- state school because she/he wants to meet new people from out of state." Then the parents take the kid to visit schools 2 hours away in a neighboring state that attracts many many kids from the home state and high school. The truth is that these parents are snobs and seem to equate OOS with “prestige” ( another word I hate). Let’s tell it like it really is.</p>

<p>Best, Elite, etc</p>

How about the high schoolers that dismiss the state flagship because “everyone from my high school goes there”?</p>

<p>Oh yes forgot about that one!!</p>

<p>My issue with the use of the word prestigious, is how so many posters on CC are only interested in how prestigious their college is perceived by others. Students want to make their decision on which college to attend based on this, rather than more important attributes such as fit and cost.</p>

<p>“hook.” Can’t stand it. Seems unduly presumptuous.</p>


<p>Yeah, there is such a ‘huge’ difference in kids from the suburbs of Chicago, suburbs of Minneapolis, suburbs of Cleveland, suburbs of Milwaukee, suburbs of etc etc. Not.</p>

<p>But good luck finding the daughter of a farmer that shows cattle and hogs at the state fair each year. Or the son of a rancher whose father is an NRA supporter at those schools.</p>

<p>Location diversity is not the same thing as economic/opinion/thought diversity.</p>

<p>Lake Washington- I was just about to post the same thing:</p>

<p>Assuming a student was or will be accepted because of a “hook”.</p>

<p>Students are accepted according to multiple factors, not just what “box” is checked or if a relative attended. Once admitted- assume that every student there is worthy of admission and has the potential to succeed and contribute positively to the school. Now, it’s up to each indvidual student to make the most out of the opportunity.</p>

<p>Yes! All of these, especially “elite.” As if people there are special. </p>

<p>I also hate it when parents brag and gratuitously post their kids’ stats and schools.</p>