Siena College vs Le Moyne College vs College of Saint Benedict [languages, English, history, political science]

D26 is having trouble deciding between Siena College, Le Moyne College and Saint Benedict. Le Moyne has the lowest net price, followed by Siena, and Saint Benedict is the highest. If anyone has experience with the academics and student cultures at these schools, I’d be interested in your thoughts. She thinks she prefers a small, residential liberal arts college. She leans towards languages, English, history, possibly political science and would like to study abroad in a Spanish speaking country. She is also recently intrigued by peace studies programs, which seems to be offered primarily at Catholic colleges. She’s in the top 25% of her college prep archdiocese high school. She enjoys new experiences and people but is excessively shy so making close friends may be a challenge. She’s adaptable but will likely do best in a collaborative, welcoming environment. She’s done synchronized ice skating for years, and St. Benedict is the only one of her top three that offers that sport. She’s also interested in academic clubs and band/orchestra.

She was also accepted to Allegheny College, College of Wooster, St. Olaf College, Beloit College, Union College, Miami University (OH), Providence College, St. Michael’s College (VT), University of Vermont, University of New Hampshire, and Ithaca College – all with some level of merit aid.

It sounds like St. Benedict’s is a match for everything she’s interested in. (I’ve perused the website.) And it appears that you’d like to hear from people who have direct experience with any of these 3, which I do not. But since no one has responded, I’ll jump in and ask if your daughter has participated in any of the accepted students activities? In addition, Admissions Offices will typically connect accepted applicants with some current students for conversations or face time. Perhaps either of these direct contacts might give her the kind of insight into the kinds of students who go to any of these schools.

Princeton Review surveys students from colleges all over the country. Their descriptions of colleges are based on what students in attendance have told them about their school. If you haven’t seen it already, you might be interested in their write up on St. Benedict/St. John’s:

Or you can try unigo to find what students have posted about their college:


Thanks, Bill. We exhausted many of the online reviews but asking Admissions to put her in contact with students is a good idea.

You’re welcome. My GD found thus very helpful when she was trying to decide a couple of years ago. It made such a difference that she chose the only college on her list that she hadn’t visited.

Good luck.