Siena vs St. Lawrence

Hello I am currently deciding between Saint Lawrence University and Siena College. I love both colleges and everyone that I know from SLU loves it, but Siena right now is a little cheaper and closer to home. I would major in business and econ at SLU and would major in Finance and Economics at Siena in the 3+1 MBA program. I know that SLU is considered better academically but my main question is the academic Rigor of SLU worth the extra cost or is doing the 3+1 program at Siena the better option? Any additional information would be helpful.

Depends upon the actual difference in annual COA.

Is the MBA degree also from Siena in the 3+1 program ?

FWIW Majoring in finance & economics is a great combination.

Yes it would be the 3+1 program at Siena, right now the cost different is 13k but SLU also raises their price each year which Siena would lock the price in.

Wow! Totally different schools. So much to consider.

First, location. How do you feel about being way up in northern NY? Like as in Canada more or less? How do you feel about the cold? It really is colder there with more snow. Or would you prefer a more suburban location closer to civilization?

What type of student body are you looking for? SLU has a large number (I believe more than half) of students who went to boarding school. Siena has a lot of students who went to Catholic school and draws from the local Capital District population. The reputation of SLU students is “rich kids.” The Siena reputation is “nice kids.” SLU does have a party reputation. Siena not so much. Basketball is big at Siena. Hockey is big at SLU.

SLU students tend to stay on campus and has a rich campus life. It is also one of the most beautiful, picture perfect campuses with a rich history. Siena is a pretty campus but with more in the area, students tend to expand off campus a little more.

Academics and reputation. I’m not sure SLU trumps Siena any longer in terms of reputation. Siena grads do quite well and are quite respected in the NY job market.

Siena does have the Catholic faith as part of the school but it can be as much or as little in your experience as you want although there are a certain number of religion credits you have to earn. (I’ve heard there is a lot of flexibility within that) SLU just has the word St. in it’s name.

Good luck! Try reading the SLU and Siena boars here. That might help. Maybe you can find some current students to message with too to get a sense of each student body. You’ll get a great education wherever you put the effort in.