Sierra college or American River college (northern california)

Hi so I plan to go to a community college to transfer to UC Davis but I am not sure which community college would be the best. Now i know people would say their both the same and it doesn’t matter where you go but there things people would say are different from each other. Like for example: people would say it’s easier to register the classes you need/want at sierra than ARC.

So what do you guys think?

Sorry nobody’s answering you; there may not be many people here who are familiar with the subtle differences between the two. It looks like they offer most of the same degree programs.

If you want to study Computer Science or Chemistry, go to Sierra, as ARC doesn’t have those majors. Other than that… probably go by word of mouth… or if you really want to split hairs, go into the portals and look up the instructors for some of the courses you care the most about, and see what people say about them on RateMyProfessors. Good luck!

UC Davis transfer admission stats, fall 2017:

American River College: 318 applied, 231 accepted, 72.6% acceptance rate
Sierra College: 271 applied, 194 accepted, 71.6% acceptance rate

They are both successful at transferring students to UCD. Another option might be Sacramento City College; they actually have a satellite facility on the UCD campus, so you can start taking classes on the Davis campus while still at CC.