Sigh... another chances thread

<p>So, I was considering applying here and was curious as to
a. my chances
b. how hard/easy is it to double major
c. how good is the communications/journalism?</p>

<p>Half Indian, Half Chinese,… weird, i know…CT resident, Male, upper middle class, very competitive high school</p>

<p>3.5 uw gpa, 4.2 weighted</p>

Math - 720
CR - 700
Writing - 710</p>

us hist- 740</p>

<p>every year i took the most rigorous courseload my school could offer</p>

<p>my school doesnt offer AP’s before junior year and in freshman and sophomore year you can only take two honors classes… in junior year i only had one non-honors/ap class (regular health was mandatory for a graduation req)… took 4 APs 3 honors junior year…</p>

<p>Love history and english, really good at it… weird im asian and better at humanities than math and science, but there you go.</p>

Wrestling varsity 4 years
Varsity Track 4 years
-medaled in two events at regional junior olympics
Debate, 4 years varsity, captain senior year
-5th place state finals sophomore
-3rd place state finals junior year</p>

Peer Mediation 4 years, leader 1 year
FBLA 4 years, treasurer 2 years
Atlas Wrestling Club (coached by olympic coach)
USA Track and Field
Mock Trial 4 years, co-capt 2 years</p>

<p>Vol Work
-ASHA youth group- raise money to send to poor villages in india so that they can build schools, helped found it
-200 hours various at library, hospital, senior center
-Helped with FBLA to raise 1200 dollars for my friend who started his own cancer foundtation (he had a case of cancer that only 9 other people in the world have… scary…almost died)</p>

-Academic Tutor(raised a kids grades from c’s/d’s to a’s/b’s)
-Little League Baseball Head Umpire
-started my own business which is like a tutoring agency</p>

<p>Highest possible scores on all my CAPT tests (connecticut aptitude placement test or sumthing like that), state merit recognized</p>

<p>Tied with two other people for highest possible grade on Junior Writing portfolio(put best writing together and people assess your writing)</p>

<p>Ribbons on Natl+State latin exams</p>

<p>School doesnt rank…</p>

-junior year
–psych - probably 4 on exam
–govt(american) - probably 4 on exam
–english - probably 4 on exam
–us hist - probably 4 on exam
-senior year
–comp gov

<p>Reqs – should be quite good</p>

<p>Essays - will be strong</p>

<p>Will spend summer between junior and senior years teaching poor village kids in Thailand(where mom grew up) english</p>

<p>Figure the stuff thatll set me apart is the starting own business and the Thailand thing</p>

<p>So, chances?</p>