Sigh...Still waiting as a Transfer

<p>Bah. So I handed in all my crap by February first. Then I got notice that they never received my HS transcripts so I resent them February 10th. I got a letter in the mail February 17th that they still didn't have them so I followed up. As of the 19th the lady in the office told me they'd received my materials and all was good...they just hadn't updated the status on Wolverine Access. </p>

<p>It wasn't updated for weeks, so I called again March 5th. They said they were received and would update it. They didn't know why it wasn't updated in the first place. Between March 5th and March 17th I must have called 4 times about the status of my application, and NOW, FINALLY, WA says the transcripts were received 3/17...Are you serious? I've been on pins and needles the last month and a half waiting for my decision and they're just now going to review it? This is the only school I applied to as a transfer, and the only school I want to go to...FRUSTRATING.</p>

<p>Will this hurt my chances of getting in?</p>