Significant Influence

For the “Someone who had a significant influence on you” essay do u think it would be a good idea to write about my father. He immigrated to America from Turkey in 1970. He had a medical degree and completed his residency here having little/no money. He didnt know the language well but he worked hard to learn it. Today he is a successfuly doctor and chief pathologist at his hospital. Can i talk about how through his experiences i have learned how you must make goals and work towards them and that right now i am working towards goals of my own.

what do you think?

<p>Actually scratch that idea, i think i have a better one...</p>

<p>On the Common App, i am thinking of making my own topic for the Choose your own topic choice. It'll be something like "What are somethings that you value in life" </p>

<p>I will talk about how i feel happiness is something that is very important. I will talk about how happiness came easily in childhood but as we get older it seems we need superficial things to be happy. then i will talk about my experiences in turkey and how the people who had nothing there were still happy. and as an adult i understand that happiness can come from friendship, etc.. and not from superficial things.</p>

<p>hows this idea?</p>