Significant-ish Decision - Not really a chance thread

<p>So I'm pretty sure I'm going to eventually be applying to Dartmouth and now I have a problem : There is a good chance I may be able to make Regionals for poetry interpretation, which falls on April 13. Only problem - My ACT date that I have already registered for falls on the same day.</p>

<p>I was considering that I could blow off the ACT since I already took it once and got a 32 (potentially take it in October since I won't be in the country in June) but with the momentum I've got with prep., would it potentially work against me in scoring a higher score if I took it so late?</p>

<p>Second question : which would Dartmouth prefer - a higher ACT score or a more concentrated focus into what I love doing?</p>

<p>Thanks so much guys - I know how much you hate doing Chance threads but help a fellow junior out?</p>

<p>Peace :)</p>

<p>How about this: what would you prefer, a concentrated focus on what you love doing or slogging through a test you've already taken once more?</p>

<p>i agree; take the poetry competition. a 32 is fine.</p>

<p>Actually, I was in the same boat last year. I'd just take it in October if you really want to try and improve your score.</p>

<p>You can't take it in Sept.? Or you're not in a state that offers it then?</p>

<p>^ oh you're right! September's still not so bad right? What did you do?</p>

<p>Oh btw, thanks guys - it's given me some perspective on the situation :)</p>

<p>Well, if you can't do both, I'd do the poetry then write a kick-butt essay on how you choose what you love over testing.</p>

^ oh you're right! September's still not so bad right? What did you do?


<p>I planned to take the ACT for the first time in April. I eventually found out that the date of the ACT was the same day I would be in Denver for a journalism conference (I can't exactly take the ACT in a different state.) I kind of wanted to take the ACT then so I could compare and whatnot, but I ended up taking it in June and got a 30- not as great as I had wanted. I retook it in October. (I didn't apply early decision/action anywhere.)</p>

<p>32 is a wonderful score. You don't need to retake it. But if you really think you should, follow Narcissa's advice: Take it in September! Go have fun at your poetry event! :)</p>