Signing Up for Co-op and Dorm

<p>So, I applied for both forms of housing to be sure that I would get at least some form of housing. However, I just got my housing option today and it was Foothills (my first choice for dorms), but on my official UC Berkeley Housing Application, I did not mention that I was applying for a co-op. Was I suppose to do that? How do I know if I was offered a room in a co-op? Is there a website to check?</p>

Alright, so I realized that "[They] will mail the next Fall/Spring offers by Mid-June." So does this mean I accept my Foothills offer and wait for a co-op offer? If so, are there punishments for canceling these applications/contracts? Additionally, how will I be contacted about the offers? email?</p>

<p>sorry for double post.</p>

<p>Deadline is approaching. Any help would be appreciated :)</p>

<p>Call the housing office. Answers here are not universal truth.</p>