Silly courseload!

<p>I got into Plan II and McCombs and will be going to August Orientation. So far I've had trouble figuring out what classes to take freshman year....if I take the "suggested" courseload by both colleges I end up with about 22 hours per semester, which....yeah, just no haha XD So I've narrowed it down to 17 hours and 18 hours.</p>

<p>Is this right/reasonable/sane?</p>

<p>5 408K Math
3 304K Econ
3 301 MIS
3 301 Intro to Psych
3 603 TC</p>


<p>17 hours</p>

<p>5 408L Math
3 304L Econ
1 101S Business Administration
3 305 Cognitive Science
3 603 TC
3 302 TC</p>


<p>18 hours</p>

<p>I know plenty of plan II students also do business, so it would be lovely if you guys shared what you did to balance out your fish year :) I just want to know if I'm on the right track.</p>

<p>B A 101s is a joke of a class, you will get an A if you show up and the assignments are really just completion. So, don't worry about that one.</p>

<p>You don't really need to take MIS 301 yet, I took it in the spring, and many people don't take it until sophomore year. Since you aren't even close to finishing other lower division business classes (STA 309, etc) you don't need to take it yet. It's not a pre-req for anything, but it does have to be taken before you take upper division business classes.</p>

<p>So, take it if you have nothing else to take. But if you'd rather get a Plan II requirement or another general-ed requirement out of the way, you could take that instead. You might be overwhelmed taking Calc I, Micro econ, and MIS at the same time. AND taking all those other classes (I don't know what TC is, but I'm guessing it's Plan II).</p>

<p>On the other hand, I've always taken 12 hours a semester (I had a boatload of AP credit) so maybe I'm underestimating your abilities lol</p>

<p>[Oh, and don't you need a UGS class for Business? Or does your Plan II stuff cover that?]</p>

<p>The course catalog specifies that you must take MIS 301 freshman year. Are you telling me the book is all lies? x__x But thank goodness, now I can take game theory.</p>

<p>I actually am fond of Calculus and am fond enough of micro, so I don't think it will be too much of a problem. A few friends of mine in UT tell me that I will be fine with 17 hours from the get-go, but I'm hoping we're not being overly idealistic :) But thank you for your input. MIS was making me go insane.</p>

<p>(What is UGS? D: I haven't seen it anywhere! And yes, TC is Tutorial Course for Plan II)</p>

<p>Are you still on the 2008-2010 course catalog? I'm not sure if there is a new one that makes it a freshman requirement.</p>

<p>There were plenty of sophomores in my MIS class. Actually I knew a junior in there too, since she had studied abroad and had some strange schedule issues (she was also in ACC 311).</p>

<p>Yeah, I thought that was the catalog entering freshmen had to use? There isn't a more recent one, to clarify.</p>

<p>Well now I'm a lot happier about this situation :) But still, the BBA requirements made it seem like you were doomed somehow if you didn't follow their freshman-soph-3/4 year schedule system.</p>

<p>Wait, am I missing something? are you in honors 408L? Because my math 408L is 4 hours, not 5.</p>

<p>The catalog says, for a regular session of 308L, "three lecture hours and two discussion hours a week for one semester."</p>

<p>Is this a lie along with the whole MIS thing? XD</p>

<p>You are correct, etceterae. According to the 2008-2010 undergrad catalog under BBA requirements, subsection #5, MIS 301 is to be taken during your freshman year.</p>

<p>McCombs</a> School of Business | Undergraduate Catalog, 2008-2010 | University of Texas at Austin</p>

<p>Perhaps ask an advisor, or call McCombs for clarification, but my kiddo followed the catalog just to be on the safe side. Is Game Theory a requirement for Plan II?</p>

<p>As to M408K/L, although it is only a 4 hour credit course, you are in either lectures or TA sessions for 5 hours/week.</p>

<p>The first digit of the course number is how many credit hours the class gives. How many hours you are actually in class can be very different. Many classes require much more time each week than credit is given for, so you have to look at both to make sure you are not overloading yourself.</p>

<p>Darn! ;o; I'll call McCombs when I'm back in the states, then.</p>

<p>I just need someone to tell me that this is a medium courseload and not a difficult one, lol. I want to take courses with teachers that are more loathe to give an A but would actually teach me something :/</p>

<p>This looks to me to be a very heavy courseload</p>

<p>Yes, my 408L has 3 hours of lecture and 2 "labs," but it is 4 credits.</p>

<p>Okay, thanks QueenofEverythin, txex86 and LonghornDan :)</p>

<p>I'm sure once I get started everything will fall into place....UT probably won't let its students go completely off the right track.</p>

<p>Off McCombs' website:</p>

<p>"Students are encouraged (but not required) to complete MIS 301 (non-honors) during the freshman year."</p>