Silly question about gym and chem lab

<p>will the professors make students take out earrings and stuff during gym? or when we're doing chem labs? in high school, my teachers sometimes made people do that with the dangling earrings.</p>

<p>What kind of PE class is it?
I don't think they make you take off Earrings, well at least in Swimming class.
People usually take stuff off if it's a distraction.</p>

<p>That being said, I think they let you keep them on in Chem Labs as long as it doesn't interfere with stuff.</p>

<p>studs shouldn't be a problem. anything that dangles/hoops would be discouraged for your own safety. I have never seen anyone being forced to remove earrings before.</p>

<p>kinda going along with PE attire, do the PE teachers make you change? i mean, if you're not going to sweat like a dog for the particular class, is it like high school where the teachers say, "you need shorts and t-shirt, nothing else is allowed!"</p>

<p>Omg, you're going to be in college. Nobody is going to make you wear anything. Just make sure you don't like show up in a summer dress for canoeing...</p>

<p>i'm going to take your word for it... it better be true, because i'm pretty sick of all those high school rules.</p>

<p>um, you can go ahead and wear t-shirts and shorts to all of your classes 3 times per week. if you want. main thing is, i have a faraway class right after that and changing back is just not something i want to do.. nor is it practical, especially in the winter. oh, whatever. if they make me change, i'll change. i just have to change fast before my next class. it's just a price to pay for picking two classes i want with only awkwardly close time slots.</p>

<p>it probably depend on gym class. i had gym classes that said no jewelry or other stuff allowed. in general no one wore jewelry to class. sometimes guys had watches on and the teacher made them take it off</p>

<p>oh okay. it makes sense that the rules are different depending on the class. bowling students probably don't have to change and the basketball students probably do. i'll just wait for class to start and see what the teacher prefers.</p>