Silverturtle should get a 2400 in January SAT -It was easy for me

<p>If I can shoot for 2200+, silverturtle should get a 2400. Wish you all luck. The exam was not that hard. I studied my ass off anyways.</p>

<p>I sure hope you're right. :)</p>

<p>I assume you two know each other well? :)</p>

<p>^ Not exactly.</p>

<p>I assume that silverturtle found the exam easy? :) I hope you get a 2400 man. If you do get a score of 2200 and above, then I'd say you deserve it (based on what I've seen you post here).</p>

<p>I'm a senior and I suck at SAT. Not to mention that I am international. This was my last time and it wasn't so easy.</p>