Similar essays? Advice?

<p>Hey, you know on the Princeton supplement they explicitly state that they'd prefer the Common App essay and the Princeton essay to be separate & different.</p>

<p>I wrote about my mother in my Common App essay & gave a general account of my life story, would it be too similar if I wrote about my father in my supplement?</p>

<p>Basically, I haven't seen my father since 1999 and I was planning on writing about how his absence has affected me.</p>

<p>For the most part, I'd recommend that you choose separate topics, the idea being that if you choose separate events/experiences/topics to write about, you'll be able to give your reader another side of you beyond just your family. For example, I wrote my common app essay on one of my ec's and my supplement on my brother. Though I guess if you have something really unique to share (and you should judge that for yourself), and you take the two essays in different directions despite both starting with family, it could work. But again, that's a call you have to make. best of luck! :D</p>

<p>@gniXru, but technically these two essays are different because, the first one about my mother was about how my family sacrificed a lot for education etc.</p>

<p>My essay on my father would be more introspective.</p>

<p>You seem to already have your mind set, so just go with it. Write about your father, especially since it shows you in a different light. </p>

<p>You might even want to address the admissions officer directly in a note (perhaps at the top of your essay) about how you recognize the subjects of the essays are similar, but that the bulk of the essays really are different.</p>

<p>Do a different topic.</p>

<p>If your second essay shows in a different light, as in it gives the reader a completely different perspective of you from the first, then go for it. It doesn't matter if the topic is similar as long as it really really gives more information about you. </p>

<p>Otherwise, I'd go for a different topic. Often people take the opportunity to use one essay to talk about themselves in a personal light and another in an academic light.</p>

<p>While the father essay sounds like a good essay (may be my bias since I had a pretty similar CA essay), it does feel a bit repetitive. It might have been nice to make it your CA essay if it was that important, but for the supplement you really want to talk about you. You should use the supplement to show new sides of you that aren't visible in the common app.</p>

<p>Thanks for all your help, in the end I decided to send Princeton a revised version of my Common App essay and did the supplemental essay on rap music. lol.</p>