Similar schools

<p>I just visited Brown for the first time and I definitely liked it. I got really good vibes and every single person was so nice it seemed too good to be true. I also loved everything such as the open curriculum, liberal student body, the size of the school, and Providence (small, cute city-perfect for me!). But I was not impressed by the facilities. The dorms weren’t very nice, the buildings all seemed to be old and shabby, they had tiny and the food was really not very good. </p>

<p>What I’m saying is that I loved all of the important things but the superficial things were not as good as I expected. Maybe my expectations were too high. And I know that the superficial things aren’t the most important, so I’m definitely still going to apply to Brown. </p>

<p>I’m wondering if anyone knows of any schools that are similar on the inside, but maybe have better facilities. I think Tufts might be similar- I’m going to visit there next. Any other ideas? Thanks!</p>

<p>I visited last week, and it exceeded my expectations! Oh well, I guess everyone's looking for something different.</p>

<p>A brief Google search left me with these: Wesleyan, Vasaar, Oberlin, Amherst, and Grinnel. The first three aren't open curriculum, but they supposedly have similar atmospheres.</p>

<p>Have you walked inside some buildings, it is amazing. From outside, you may feel it looks like the building in Harvard, but inside, it has all the modern facilities and equipments. Believe me!!</p>

<p>ya, the facilities are great. Everything is nearly state-of-the-art (though it's irrational to say EVERYTHING is). the dorms at Brown are MUCH BETTER (imo) than other schools' dorms. If you went into keeney, then it's not a surprise that you're having those thoughts. RCs don't do much in keeney unless there's a BIG problem so it isn't the nicest. Still, keeney surpasses that of many dorms (and you learn to love it if you live there). Again, for the food, I bet you went to the Ratty. The Vdub is good (usually), but with less variety. To be honest, I think the students are one of a kind. If you're trying to replicate the student body, I don't think it's possible. Maybe someone knows of a school, but Brown is really an unique school.</p>

<p>I did get to go inside. It wasn't terrible, but they didn't have any smartboards or even whiteboards, which I'm used to.
I went into the dorms in Perkins. I've only visited one other school, but the dorms at the other one were nicer. Yea, I ate in the Ratty. A lot of people told me that the Vdub was better.</p>

<p>I'm planning to visit Amhearst but I feel like most of the other ones would be too small for me</p>

<p>Perkins = worst dorm on campus.</p>

<p>Most classes have whiteboards. Which building were you in? Sayles?</p>

<p>an FYI: Wesleyan does have an open curriculum. Easy distribution requirements (no required classes) are only necessary for those wanting Honors (and a few majors require they be completed), otherwise, it's open.</p>

<p>How many other schools have you visited?</p>

<p>Yea I think I was in Sayles. I was also in a physics classroom but I don't know which building it was in. </p>

<p>This was my first visit</p>

<p>thanks everyone!</p>

<p>Perkins is the worst dorm on campus, and you shouldn't take it as representative. In any case, once you get to college, you'll probably find that dorm quality is one of the last things you spend your time thinking about.</p>

<p>As for boards, most professors prefer blackboards to whiteboards. Here at Harvard Law, the classrooms, even the newest ones, all have classic blackboards. With an endowment the size of Brown's for one-third the student body and a fraction of the facilities needs, HLS could hardly be accused of holding back when it comes to facilities. And smartboards are just a gimmick.</p>

<p>In general, I think Brown's facilities are great, and I certainly never thought about them as an reason <em>not</em> to go to Brown. It's a shame that you got the wrong impression.</p>