Simmons Class 2023

Let everyone know when you hear. Good luck!

Simmons is a great school! Best of luck to you!

@Dustyfeathers It’s my daughter who is applying, but thank you. She’s very excited about it. Before we visited I had some reservations about it’s size, but after visiting campus and touring the area those evaporated. Simmon’s focus on helping their students to attain the skills necessary to become leaders in their chosen field of study and emphasis on being a force for positive change in the world through coursework and internship opportunities within the impressive Simmons network really won me over! May I ask what your experience is with Simmons? I’d love to hear about the experiences or knowledge that helped you to form your opinion. ?

Anyone for Kotzen scholarship? Post stats? Is it competitive school? Do international students have any chance at the scholarship?

@CaptainHolt My daughter will be applying for the Kotzen scholarship. It is quite competitive, and I’m not sure if she has a chance or not, but it’s better to try than not. I would think that each student would have an equal chance to be judged for the scholarship on the basis of their merits and academic accomplishments. I’d hope that would mean that international students have as much a chance as anyone, but I am in no position to really know.

@aimster888 test scores/gpa ?

@CaptainHolt 95.5 unweighted gpa with 5 APs completed (4 exam scores of 4 and 1 exam score of 5) and 4 more AP’s current enrollment. 1390 SAT and 33 ACT. As I said, Kotzen might be a stretch, but always good to try.

Hey that is impressive! Can you chance my admission based on my stats? :
I don’t know my GPA. I did gcses and advanced levels if you know about those? I got about all As except for 2 gcses. SAT 1370. Don’t have ACT. I took 1 subject test and got a 740/800 and waiting for 2 more scores ( which I don’t think they will consider)

@CaptainHolt Nice job! I’d definitely say that you’d be someone that they’d be looking to admit. The range of SAT stats for Simmons is 1150-1330. Good luck!

I was accepted yesterday!

@dancer23 Congrats!

I was accepted EA a few days ago!

hey i got accepted but it didn’t say anything about the honors program…did anyone else hear back about that?

@unendorsed2001. Congrats! Did you get your actual snail mail letter? We (my daughter, lol) have only gotten the email saying she was accepted at this point. It didn’t contain any info beyond that. In looking at past year’s threads it looks like merit scholarship offers (at least some of them?) come with the physical acceptance letter. I havent seen any mention in past threads of when/how Honors notifications are sent, but I’d like to know too. Kotzen invitations for interviews are sent in mid-January, I believe.

@aimster888 thank you! yes, I did get the actual letter, and it did come with merit scholarships. the honors acceptance probably comes later then.

@unendorsed2001 Congratulations again (on the scholarship)! ?
Thanks for responding. The letter is still in transit. We are only in Rochester, NY…you wouldn’t think it would take this long. However, I guess it’s an exciting sort of anticipation.

I got in with a 25k scholarship! Still waiting to hear back on the Kotzen (fingers crossed!)

@lunarmad Congratulations! ?

My daughter got her actual snail mail acceptance letter on New Years Eve. It was a nice surprise. She was offered at 25k Trustee Scholarship! Is anyone else planning to attend the accepted students day on Feb 15th? She was invited to a reception the evening before and then an overnight in the dorm. I’m not sure yet if she wants to do that, but I thought it sounded interesting. ?

Not sure when EA II decisions will be released. My online portal still says “File Under Review for Completion”