Simmons Class of 2022!

Yes Simmons is my top choice for nursing, how about everyone else?

Simmons is up there in my choices! I wish they would just email and not mail letters I can’t wait much longer!

same! Simmons is my top choice for nursing also. I hope we get our letters next week (or before Christmas)

Simmons is one of my top choices! I applied ED II to Wellesley, and EA to Simmons. I’m also applying RD to Sarah

How long do you think the letters will take to get to MD?

hopefully a week or a little more! The waiting feels like the worst part of this whole college admissions process. good luck with Wellesley and Sarah Lawrence! :slight_smile:

I’m in Mass and still nothing yet. :frowning: I applied EA 1

I was looking at last years forum and most people got them like on the 20th. So hopefully soon

Still nothing today, and I live pretty close to Boston!

I got in!!!

Congrats Smullen!

Thanks. I just got it today and I live right outside Boston. So people who live farther away will probably get it soon.

We are western US so likely a few days out.

@Smullen congrats!! I live in CT so I’m thinking late this week

I just got my letter today and I’m accepted with a 20k Provost scholarship!!

I got accepted to the nursing program with a presidential scholarship!!!

Congrats!! I’m in the nursing program as well! Are you thinking of going?

I was accepted today with the Trustee Scholarship. I’m still waiting to hear back about Kotzen and Honors.

Congrats! I applied for the Kotzen and Honors as well, we should find out mid-January if we’re Kotzen finalists. I haven’t seen anything on the website about when Honors decisions come out though

Well I wish you luck with Kotzen! I’m so eager to find out about that. Honors applications are due by February 1st so it must take a while.