Simmons Class of 2022!

I got in!!!

Congrats Smullen!

Thanks. I just got it today and I live right outside Boston. So people who live farther away will probably get it soon.

We are western US so likely a few days out.

@Smullen congrats!! I live in CT so I’m thinking late this week

I just got my letter today and I’m accepted with a 20k Provost scholarship!!

I got accepted to the nursing program with a presidential scholarship!!!

Congrats!! I’m in the nursing program as well! Are you thinking of going?

I was accepted today with the Trustee Scholarship. I’m still waiting to hear back about Kotzen and Honors.

Congrats! I applied for the Kotzen and Honors as well, we should find out mid-January if we’re Kotzen finalists. I haven’t seen anything on the website about when Honors decisions come out though

Well I wish you luck with Kotzen! I’m so eager to find out about that. Honors applications are due by February 1st so it must take a while.

Good luck to you too :slight_smile:

Where else are you applying if you don’t mind me asking?

Im waiting on Kotzen and honors too. In your acceptance packet did you get a thing that said honors program and inside it gave the 2021 honors class stats, and it encouraged you to apply??? Because I got that, but I applied to the honors program when I applied to Simmons. I am not sure now if they got it because they sent me that, even though the application for honors was on the commonapp. So if someone else got that waiting to hear about honors acceptance can you please let me know because the admissions people arent working because of the holidays.
Thanks. :slight_smile:

Yeah it’s my first choice @sen18r, how about u?

@Smullen - I received the same thing in mine as well. You are probably fine and they just threw it in there to encourage those who haven’t already to apply considering there is still plenty of time until February 1st. Honors acceptance probably won’t come in for a while based off of that.

@katebnotkatie - I’ve also applied to Northeastern, Quinnipiac University, Pace University (Westchester because NYC doesn’t have nursing), UMass Amherst, and UConn.

@littleme00 - It’s mine as well! I’ll most likely be attending

I’m applying to Northeastern too! Cool. My college list is a long one. I applied to Northeastern, Colgate, Simmons, Smith, Bryn Mawr, Skidmore, Lafayette, TCNJ, RPI, WPI, and Bryant.

I got in! I haven’t gotten the packet yet but I just got emailed about my acceptance! Super unexpected and a great way to start winter break

We are on west coast and my D received acceptance packet yesterday. Nice scholarship too. Exciting. Hope everyone has a great holiday!