Simmons College?

Hello! I am a Senior in high school, and I just applied to Simmons for regular decision.
I want to know more about the school, so can anyone tell me the pros and cons of the school?
Thank you!
Oh and btw I want to go into their Pre-med program!

Hello @ksp0957,
I am also a Senior in high school and I have sent in my deposit to Simmons in the Fall :slight_smile: From much research, discussions with students, and faculty, I have a list of Pros and Cons. Please be in mind that my list may be a bit biased since some of the features like (a big city) may not be a Pro for you.


  • It is situated in the best college city in America!
  • It combines liberal arts with a career-focused education
  • strong health sciences, social work, communication, and management programs
  • part of a college consortium (Colleges of the Fenway)
  • It has very small class sizes which emphasize discussion based learning.
  • again… Boston! There are so many universities to attend lectures at, tons of cultural opportunities like concerts, shopping, etc…


  • The Weather
  • I have heard that the food is not that great (some disagree but all say that the dining hall staff is very friendly and willing to work with your dietary needs); also I have heard that the food can get repetitive but again, you are in the heart of Boston so there are many great dining options next to Simmons
  • I have also heard that there is a lack of social life ( there is social life but it mostly revolves around arts and crafts, movie nights, and cook-offs if you are into that stuff; it is not known as a party school)
  • There are no boys (but, there are over six co-ed colleges within a mile radius around Simmons)

Best of luck with your search and hope this list is helpful! :slight_smile:

@tenstudent Thank you so much! This makes me want to attend Simmons even more!
I have yet to get a decision back, so if I do get accepted, this is my first choice!
Thanks again!

Glad this helped. Best of luck! :slight_smile:

Just want to put it out there, for anyone who may research this next year. Social life is not an issue, or was not when I went 20+ years ago. At that time, most Simmons women hung out at MIT (most of us heterosexuals married MIT men too). Probably not as much anymore. We also socialized with BU and Northeastern.

All this said, I am not encouraging my daughter to go to a women’s college. She is kind of introverted and my friends who were more introverted than I didn’t have the social opportunities, and my college roommate at 45 is still single

Another positive for Simmons is the range of internship opportunities are incredible. You are within walking distance to some of the best hospitals in the world so if you are pre-med, social work, or health sciences, it doesn’t get much more convenient than that.