Simmons Undergrad 2020

Hey everyone. Just wanted to know if anyone else has heard back about their decisions from Simmons. It is my safety school, so I’m not dying to know or anything, but am curious if anyone else who has applied to the EA II deadline has gotten decisions back. I haven’t really heard from Simmons since I applied, but just set up my Simmons application account tonight and my application status says, “Decision Mailed.” Anyone seeing the same kind of thing?

If you did not get into your other schools, might you be willing to attend Simmons? What attracted you? Good luck!

I also applied to Simmons EA II, but I haven’t gotten anything about an application account? Did they send you an email about it?

I never got an email about a portal/account either. Depending how far you live, I’m sure your decision will arrive soon if it’s already been mailed.
I think my situation was unique - got a phone call on 1/11 from my admissions counselor, since I’m a Kotzen Scholarship finalist and that event is coming up soon. Hope you get some positive news soon!

Yikes, I applied EA2, I haven’t received any account info or calls or anything and I applied for Kotzen too, my counselor just told me I’d find out in March if I got it…guess I’m out of the running :(( oh well! Congrats to you though

I applied EA II as well. I never got info about a portal or anything of the like.

I just received my acceptance letter in the mail today, so you should expect to receive your decision soon if you haven’t already. I don’t live far (I’m in NY) so I assume it was mailed this week.

Congrats @rhiannaps !!! I live alllll the way in California so I’m guessing I’d recieve a letter sometime early next week. I think the portal might be only for those who applied through Simmons website?

^ that would make sense. I applied on common app

I just got my acceptance :slight_smile: I got the presidential scholarship ($21k/year) too, which brings the cost down to Mills (with a scholarship) or a UC for me! Weirdly enough my letter says I was rejected from the nursing program which I never applied to LOL.

I’ve also been invited to the multicultural overnight program, I’m going to wait a bit before applying… it’s the same weekend UC decisions usually come out, :(( but it sounds cool. I was prompted to search up Simmons demographics and only 22% of the students are women of color!! I thought it’d be more diverse!! Is anyone else thinking about MOST?

I got mine today too! I got the presidential scholarship, and I got into the 4-year BA/MA program I wanted. :slight_smile:
yikes, that diversity stat…I kinda assume women’s colleges are more diverse but apparently not at Simmons lol. Mills should definitely be an option for you in that case!!

@mech423 You’re on a roll! Kotzen and the BA/MA program :smiley:

Yeah, I was really surprised! I actually live so close to Mills that it would be stupid for me to dorm, and if I did I could drive home for every meal and have plenty of time to get back to class! But it’s a beautiful school, very dedicated to diversity and actually has it! It’s going through someone financial troubles right now though so I’m going to wait and see how things go.

So, I went to search more about SImmon’s diversity and I’m getting concerned, I found this comment on Niche, posted 24 days ago,

“We have a lot of race issues and a lot of religious issues on campus. Muslims and brown skinned people are not accepted as they should be.”

Guess who’s brown skinned and Muslim?? Me. I think I’m going to contact some of the clubs on campus to get a better idea of the issues this comment refers to. :frowning:

thank you! >:D<

and same here re: Mills! I live in SoCal but I loooove it. yeah I’m worried about the finances as well… I’d be nervous going without knowing for certain that I can finish my degree there. but I don’t think I’ll be able to afford it anyway =((

and re: Simmons - YIKES once again. ugh I mean there’s obviously problems everywhere, but somewhere soooo white would definitely lend itself to that.

I’ll be on campus for the February visit day. if you’d like, I can let you know what the student body REALLY looks/feels like beyond the pretty brochure diversity pics. and contacting club reps would be a great idea too!

@mech423 Yeah, that’s what I’m worried about too. I’d hate to pour so much money, time and enthusiasm into nothing! Honestly, after finding out about Mills financial issues I really didn’t like it as much. I’m hoping that I get in to Cal Poly Pomona or SLO, or by some miracle UCD or UCSB, so I won’t have to wrangle with any financial woes at all.

Hey! Wondering if I can join this chat I applied to Simmons regular decision, just sent in my application today actually!

I applied to Simmons EAII and got in with a deans scholarship. Waiting to hear back from other schools before deciding.

I was accepted, also got into honors college and am a kotzen finalist. i’m flying up tomorrow for an interview and the overnight visit/accepted students day.

@artsycyborg did you apply EA1 EA2 or RD?


@artsycyborg when is your Kotzen interview? maybe we’ll see each other :slight_smile: