Simmons University- Class of 2025

I totally get that! I’ve low key been stalking their Instagram because for the last few years they’ve posted when they mail out letters.

Haha me too! I have been looking at colleges since freshman year and I toured them in sophomore year. I loved them ever since. I was stalking around the class of 2022,2023, and 2024 forums- everyone seemed to get their decisions by the 18-19th, so I guess that’s why I’m nervous.

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Yeah same!! I think it might be on a delay but I really hope we find out before Christmas! I’ve seen people got emails on like the 23rd, so fingers crossed!

They just teased the decisions on their insta story! They said to check back tomorrow. So my guess if we are either getting them today (if you live in Boston area), tomorrow, or the 22nd!

Ahhhh that’s so exciting!! Good luck!!

I just got an email that I was admitted!!! There isn’t any info on which program I was accepted to but it’s super exciting!

Daughter just got a “Congratulations Future Shark” email from Simmons with a link to Admitted Students page. Does not look like typical acceptance letter. No mention of scholarships.

Hey! I just got an email from my admissions counselor saying congratulations and #futureshark. There were some links to an accepted student page but no mention of checking the portal for an official letter and scholarship information. I also did check the portal just in case to see if my application status had updated but it hadn’t. Has anyone had an official letter yet?

It looks like this just says that you were academically admitted to the university. I believe that they mailed out letters either today or in the last few days, so you should get a package in the mail that has more details (and it looks like they’re sending out beanies too lol!) You can check out their Instagram simmonsuniversity or simmonsclassof2025 you can see the post! Congrats to everyone who got in!!

Okay I’m starting to get anxious, has anyone gotten their letter yet?

omg I thought it was just me!

I have not gotten anything yet aside from the email.

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Daughters admissions packet came Monday. Very positive, very personalized, very appreciated.

My daughter got her letter today- really well done with a beanie and stickers. Accepted to BS/DPT program with a Trustee Scholarship (104k).

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Congratulations to your daughter! I also got my letter the other day with the same scholarship! I haven’t heard about my program yet, was it a separate letter inside the folder? I guess I’ll reach out to the admissions office to see if I can find out when I’d hear that.

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Yes, it was mentioned at the top of the letter with the scholarship info. Congrats to you as well!

Hey! Has anyone gotten their financial aid package yet?

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No, just merit aid in the letter

I got in… received my letter in the mail along with my cute Beanie hat and super nice scholarship… Still its gonna cost a lot. Also a bit apprehensive as I read that Simmons is in the list of the unhappiest campuses… kids say they are very unhappy there. Lots of concerns with the infrastructure and the food and the staff even the President. I don’t want to go to a sad place :O(. So I am thinking about it thoroughly. Good luck everyone.

I was super nervous about this too. I visited January 2020 right before the pandemic, and I ate on campus and I thought the food was great, I mean it was no five-star restaurant, but for campus food, I thought it was amazing. I also know a few students who go there, and I asked them about the happiness thing as I saw that as well, and she couldn’t believe they were ranked that because she loved her experience and said everyone always seemed very happy there. I think lots of those online ranking things are inaccurate, but I understand your concerns.