Simmons University - Kotzen 2024

Any other Kotzen finalists out there? My D20 is super excited but unable to attend the in-person interview on the provided date as she has a 5 day conference on the West Coast. I’m assuming she will end up with a Skype interview. Admitted for the 3+1 Political Science/MPP program and Honors College, although she will likely drop the 3+1 if selected.

Did she receive email or regular mail? Do they contact students either way or only if selected?

@RNmom2b she received a text message Thursday alerting her and then a formal email yesterday. I assume if not a finalist they will alert via email by next week, but I don’t know that for sure…just basing on posts from last year.

Bummer :frowning:

Best of luck to your D20!

PLEASE tell me when did she start going to the university for her major …!!! Because I’m now will be in 12 grade will graduate in June and I don’t know if should I apply for it NOW or in the next year ? ??? Help me if you can