Simmons University - Kotzen 2025

Has anyone heard if they’re a finalist yet ? I assume it would be any day now

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Next week. Good luck!!!

I was just about to start a thread for this same reason!! Good luck to you both :crazy_face:

thanks, good luck !

omg I applied and im an international student!! im so nervous for next week does anyone know if they notify you via email or what?

Hi!! I’m not entirely sure, but my mom read somewhere that they called people in previous years! Not sure if it was for finalists or for the actual scholarship recipients, but I’m guessing it’ll be email or a phone call! Good luck

yess i spoke with someone and they told me my admissions decision would arrive via email because im not from the states. also i applied EA2.

I was wondering when finalist would come out too! I’m hoping this week or next week! Does anyone know what happens after if you are a finalist? Also, was anyone else invited to an academic excellence dinner in February?

I was also invited to attend the virtual dinner event! I registered for it already I’m excited for it jahaha! I think finalists for the Kotzen usually go to Boston to have an interview, so I think the next step is just a virtual interview.

More info:

Okay thank you! I guess we’ll see each other at the dinner lol!

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has anyone gotten a reply yet? i just got an email that i got admitted but no letter

I got an email in December I was admitted and then about a week later got an envelope in the mail with all the information and merit aid if that’s what you were talking about.

Ive heard back about my acceptance but I haven’t heard anything about Kotzen yet

Same here, I got my letter in the mail with my acceptance a few days ago, but nothing about the Kotzen Scholarship yet. Does anyone know how many applicants there are for the scholarship and how many people receive it? Like what the chances are?

Someone up above posted a link that had some statistics. I think last year like 500+ people applied and like 15 got it or something like that. If you check the link there’s more specific numbers from like the past 4 years I think!

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Has anyone heard back yet? I feel like it’s getting late into the month. Or does anyone have an idea when it will come out? Also did any of you also apply for the honors program? I got accepted with my letter, and I am curious how many people are a part of it.

nothing yet, i haven’t even gotten my acceptance letter ! kinda nervous lol

same here! but im an international student and they told me they would email me my letter. also applied for the honors program but like 1 week ago lol so idk if they will let me know in my admissions letter. honestly lost all hope for the kotzen but still wanna go

I just got an email and I’m a finalist for the kotzen!!! Good luck to everyone :partying_face: