Simple FAFSA question that could cost me a lot of money.

<p>Ok, this is basic: My parents are divorced and I live with my mom. For the questions</p>

<p>What is your Dad's income?
What is your mom's income?
What is your parents' income?</p>

<p>Do I put 0 for my dad's, the actual amount my mom makes for my mom's, and then that same amount that JUST my mom makes for the parents'? Does this mean I do not include my dad's income AT ALL?</p>

<p>Thanks very much, there is a difference of 17K of EFC based on this question.</p>

<p>You do not have to put information about your dad. I believe that if you are filing online, the questions about your dad are automatically omitted, and they just ask about your parents = your mom. I don't remember exactly, but I know that you don't put any information about your dad on FAFSA.</p>

<p>I believe there is also a place on the FAFSA to indicate your parent's marital status. Make sure you put "divorced".</p>

<p>You do not put your Dad's info at all on FAFSA. Leave blank - no zero.
From <a href=""&gt;
If</a> your parents are divorced (or separated - see below for more information), answer the questions about the parent you lived with more during the 12 months preceding the date you complete the FAFSA.