Simple fiancial question

<p>Would it be possible to attend a full year at UF with only 12 grand? This includes tuition and on campus housing as well as things like food. I know there wouldn't be any room for unnecessary spending but I'd like to know if the necessary would at least be taken care of.</p>

<p>Interesting Question. I'm assuming you only mean Fall and Spring (not summer). Lets see, the cheapest on campus housing is $1,690 per semester for a non-air conditioned triple. Assuming an average course load of 15 credits, your tuition and fees will run $1,958.85 per semester. A unlimited 7 day a week mealplan is $1,772.60 per semester.</p>

<p>So, adding it all together, per semester, you need $5,421.45 which per year is $10,842.90 that would leave you $1157.1 per year. That should more then cover books.</p>

<p>Obviously there's no extra money here, no money to buy clothes, no money to go out to dinner, no money to buy birthday presents, no money for gas (to go home or to get around town). And technically you could save money by eating super frugally at home instead of the meal plan, but often people don't realize how difficult that is.</p>

<p>However, yes, it seems doable, unless I'm missing some expense NECCESARY expense, but I don't think I am missing anything.</p>

<p>I think Zaersz pretty much covered it. It's doable, but you'd definitely need to live a spartan way of life! :p</p>

<p>Is the tuition really that low? I certainly hope so but why is that so much lower than the projected cost of tuition UF puts out which is $5020 per year, according to Zaersz that's a difference of a little over a thousand dollars!</p>

<p>Hmm, my tuition number was just my personal cost from last year, so you're probably right if tuition has gone up and you don't have FL Prepaid to cancel the differential.</p>

<p>dont get the meal plan if you're trying to save money. its a ****ing firestorm of wasted money. i spent $1300 on a meal plan and converted it to declining balance after the first week of not using it 3 times a day like they expect you to. at the end of the semester i had $700 left, and i probably spent like $300 on groceries off campus. thats a savings of about $1k in a year, with greater variety and better health. and i still gained 20 pounds. after about the first 3 weeks, all of your big things will be paid off, and if you're getting $12k/year, you'll have a good amount of discretionary money for whatever. $12k is plenty.</p>