Simple Question about Acceptance Fees

<p>Kind of a dirty tactic that my uncle was telling me. He basically said that if I pay the acceptance fee for an university with an early deadline on whether I accept an offer, I can still cancel it later in favour of accepting the offer of another university without being obligated to attend the former university?</p>

<p>Is this true? I presume I'd lose my acceptance fee I pay the first university, but does it restrict me from cancelling and accepting the offer of another university?</p>

<p>Ah I think I'm breaking a rule here by posting twice before I get a response, but I just realised how I structured my question is a bit convoluted :( And as I can't edit the post itself, I'll just clarify here:</p>

<p>I've been accepted at an university which has provided me with a considerable scholarship, though it was not my most preferred choice. However it is a good university, but their offer came in early, and hence the deadline to accept will be over before I get my other offers.</p>

<p>My uncle proposed that I pay the acceptance fee, and once my other offers come in and I feel that they are better, I can cancel my acceptance.</p>

<p>Is this possible? If I pay, am I obligated to go to solely that university? I would like to hang on to this offer before the rest come in, but am I obligated to only go to that first university if I accept?</p>

<p>I'd just like some clarification whether this tactic would lead to undesirable consequences or not?</p>

<p>Unless your acceptance to the university was based on your applying "early decision," under which you agreed to attend if accepted, you can accept the admission offer and then withdraw later when you accept elsewhere. The penalty is usually loss of any payments or deposits you have made. Many do this exactly for the reason you note -- to qualify for a scholarship. It is also very common come May 1, when many will accept admission to one college after being waitlisted by another and then later are accepted off the wailist of the second college and choose to go there.</p>

<p>Drusba, thank you very much =)</p>

<p>I guess I just personally dislike using tactics like that >.></p>

<p>But as I lose $250, that is kind of fair I guess in the long run.</p>

<p>Don't worry, it's not "a dirty trick," so don't feel too bad about doing it. Like mentioned, a lot of kids do this when it comes time for waitlists and everything. Actually, it's basically required because you don't know if you'll get off the waitlist at another school(s), but you are still required to respond to those you get accepted to by May 1. So people pay the acceptance fee (if a school has one; some work on an honor code and don't require it) for the school they'd want to go to if they don't get off the waitlist, and then if they do get into another school off the waitlist and want to go there instead, they then go back and decline the other school, but lose whatever money they paid.</p>