Simply a Brazen Fool?

<p>I'm an incoming freshman interested in both MCB/premed and political science, so I've tried to balance my prospective schedule with a few social science and humanities prereqs and electives (my CalSO is on 28/29). However, I'm thinking of taking Chem 1A and either Math 1A or 16 in the fall. </p>

<p>But...I only scored 610 on SAT math on both attempts (granted that I hadn't taken a math class for several months before) and I only made it through precal in high school. </p>

<p>So my questions are: (1) Am I being unrealistic thinking that I can get an A in 1A or 16 along with chem/other classes during fall semester while also having fun (I'll be in Unit 3) and adjusting, given my relatively low math aptitude? and (2) Should I take 1A or 16? I'm under the impression that 16 is both easier and keeps the student from advancing in math as much later. Is this true?</p>

<p>I'm teaching myself calculus right now, and I'll probably review chem over the summer as well (took honors and AP as a sophomore). I don't think taking the online math diagnostic test would be the best idea for me, since I'm learning new material already.</p>

<p>If I come off as neurotic and long winded, well...maybe I need to work on that. Thanks for any advice!</p>

<p>you're going to need to take the 1 series at Cal if you haven't AP'd out of it. the 1 series is necessary for physics 8a/8b, which are premed prereqs. </p>

<p>yes, i think you may have a tough time in math. keep on top of it from day 1 and get help from your GSI at office hours.</p>

<p>You do NOT have to take the 1 series if you are pre-med, and neither is it necessary for Physics 8A/8B. However, you do have to take the 1 series if you major in MCB. You do not have to major in MCB to be pre-med. You can take the 16 Series and still be pre-med. Yes, it is easier, and to my knowledge, it will not hamper any math advancement in the future.</p>

<p>I'm not very good at math either. I had to drop out of 1A because it was too difficult for me. That's how bad I am. But I did manage to pass the AP Calc test in high school, so I've tested out of 16A. IB, another biology major that works well for pre-meds only requires you to take 16A (although pre-meds need a full year of math). If you are worried about the math here, I recommend taking it at a CC over the summer. My pre-med roommate finished a full year of math over the summer, and was done just like that.</p>

<p>Taking math 1A and chem 1A together will be a lot of work, but still very doable if you stay on top of the work. And so math 16A and chem 1A will be more doable...</p>

<p>physics 8a and 8b do NOT need the 1 series as pre-reqs. The only prereq listed is math 16A or equivalent, not even the entire 16 series.</p>

<p>Thank you all. I know that premed doesn't entail a certain major, but I am interested in bio for its own sake, along with social sciences and other subjects...I'll have to see what classes I end up liking.</p>

<p>I appreciate the realistic advice. I assume that I'll have to develop the self-control to keep up with stuff/study from the outset. Time management. Of course, that's easier said than done. But I think it would be a good challenge and a chance for growth.</p>

<p>Whoa, my innocent eyes x.x</p>