Simpson's Episode #326 mentions FSU!

<p>Episode #326 of the Simpson’s mentions FSU!
The 13th episode of the 15th season of the Simpson’s
“Smarter and Smarter”
MAGGIE is tested to have a 167 IQ
Simon Cowell: Your baby is brilliant! Why, she could already teach at Florida State!
Homer: Alright... Go Seminoles!</p>

<p>I've got to see this... ;)</p>

<p>Psst...that's not a flattering reference. ;)</p>

<p>Really? Do you have evidence of what the reference means? I'm interested in seeing what a real-life Hollywood writer intends by such a reference. </p>

<p>What does it mean?</p>

<p>It was intended to poke fun at FSU. "Even a baby (Maggie) can teach there" .. thus the word 'already' in "she can 'already' teach at Florida State." However, Homer doesn't really understand the reference.</p>

<p>Explaining humor is hard...</p>

<p>Homer seldom understands much beyond beer and food. :)</p>

<p>As an FSU alumnus I don't feel insulted at all. I think it is great. FSU can use the national publicity. Few state universities earn the attention of Hollywood writers.</p>

<p>Yes I am sure it was meant to be a wise crack, but I wonder how many of you have a 167 IQ?? LOL </p>

<p>I am just surprised they even thought to mention FSU in an episode of the Simpson's.</p>

<p>Nice to see you come spinning all the way back, p2n.</p>

<p>(admit it, it was way over your head)</p>

<p>I remember the black and white comedies I watched as a child. In those "antique" movies, Harvard and Yale were often the devices of amusing interchanges. </p>

<p>Go Noles! I hope they write an entire show about FSU.</p>

<p>yay, my IQ is 1 higher than Maggie's!</p>

<p>Well it turned out Maggie did not actually have a 167 IQ, Lisa with a 159 IQ was subconsciously feeding her the answers and in the end remained "the smart one".</p>

<p>The Simpsons reference is probably an attempt by some writer to poke fun at a coworker or two.</p>

<p>FSU's liberal arts bent produces a lot of people for the film/magazine/music/general entertainment industries. It shouldn't be surprising that the school is referenced from time to time.</p>