Since no network will call it I will, BUSH

<p>Apparently all the 5 major networks who cover politics (Fox, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN) are afraid to admit the inevitable that Bush has won the election I will call it. Bush 286 Kerry 252. BUSH WINS!!!! Not to gloat, but now all you ivory tower we are the world intellectuals can come to the realization that Bush won and his coattails brought an even bigger majority to the Senate and Congress. </p>

<p>On a WOW note, Barack Obama did kick some serious arse, and that guy might have a nice future in politics.</p>

<p>On a ??? note, all 11 states that had the anti-gay marriage vote thing all won. I didn't think that was possible, if I voted against this craziness. </p>

<p>On a last note, what happened to the weed vote in AK?</p>

<p>Barack Obama is an amazing guy, but he was run against Alan Keyes, who said "Jesus Christ would have voted for me", haha... what an idiot.</p>

<p>but yeah, it's over for Kerry, wooooo four more years!</p>

<p>Pete Sessions won, yay!</p>

<p>The Cleveland Public Schools levy also failed, another yay!</p>

<p>How delicious is this clean sweep? Whoda thunk?</p>

<p>Thanks to the people of South Dakota for voting in John Thune. When the Senate was given to the Democrats by default, Senator Tom Daschle spent most of his time simply figuring out the President's postion and taking the opposite position. He could have tried to compete with the President by offering good ideas, instead he tried to obstruct on every point. That's not good leadership in the Senate.</p>

<p>Yeah, I forgot about Daschle, that guy did a seriously good Chicago Cubs impression.</p>

<p>It's over---Kerry calls Bush to concede the election.</p>

<p>4 more years!</p>

<p>And man, the washington governor race is separated by some amazingly close number like 32 votes. Wow. This means my absentee vote will actually be counted!</p>

<p>Daschles gone! Daschles gone!</p>

<p>Daschle gone, Edwards out of a job, and Bush in office again...</p>

<p>life is good</p>

<p>Keys has a very distorted view of how life is. To me I dont even see what side of him ever thought he would have won the race for the Senate. Here in Illinois, 98% of people I talked to loved Obama and have actually met with him and had "regular" talk instead of politics. I think he has a great future as a politician.</p>

<p>Didnt they bring him in from a different state because they couldn't find anybody else to run? I thought I heard that somewhere...</p>

<p>Keyes was a desperate fill-in attempt by the GOP after Jack Ryan dropped out.</p>