Single dorm freshman year?

Should I get a single dorm room my freshman year? Some people say that it’ll be really hard to make friends if I try to get one but I get really annoyed with people really easily so I don’t really want a roommate. Do the pros outweigh the the cons or vice versa?

Get a roommate. It’s honestly not half as bad as you’re thinking it’s going to be; me and my roommate are actually really good friends. There’s always time for a single later.

My life would not have been different had I had a single this year.

I’ve had three different roommates this year. It’s been horrible. Get a single.

Get a single. I had a triple that became a double when one of the other roommates moved out (she was nuts), and while I liked the remaining roommate, it’s the little things that get on your nerves. And the schedule differences that are basically inevitable are a real struggle.

Get a single if you know you wouldn’t do well with a roommate

I chose 5 preferred dorms for the college I’m going to and they’re all singles.

Are you a dude? If yes, get a single.

Adjusting to college is easier without also adjusting to living with a stranger, IMHO. You can have the roommate experience your sophomore year with someone you know and have a better chance of living with happily.

As long as you don’t stay in your single room with the door closed 24/7, you’ll meet plenty of people.

Why for guys and not girls? Lol

Get a single…you won’t have to worry about roommates coming in and out of your room at 3 AM and banging around while you’re trying to sleep. I’ve had experience with this and it wasn’t fun nor did I stay friends with my roommate after we moved out.