Single event or a summary of passion throughout my childhood years?

i am torn up between deciding what to write. i am sure that i will pick the first prompt of common app(passion). only thing is, should i write about a single event that gave me clarity, or a summary of events that have guided me to pursue my said passion?

Which one has more meaning to you? You might have a difficult time writing about multiple topics, especially with a word limit of 650 words. I tried writing about 3 different events in one of my rough drafts for my Common App essay, and I felt that it was too much to write about. If you do write about the summary of events, I would avoid just listing and explaining the events- admissions don’t want to see lists. It’s important to show your story, not tell it. Honestly, I would write about the single event because then you can put all of your focus on one topic. You will be able to go into detail when explaining the event and its impact it had on you. Writing about a summary of events might mean that you aren’t able to fully develop all of your events. Just the sounds of it, your first topic would make for a better story. So, between the two, I’d pick the single event. However, if you’re still unsure, you could write about both topics and then see which one works best.