Single Most Stressful Day at CCC

<p>My most stressful day was in Fall Quarter 2009. I had THREE finals that day.</p>

<p>I live 40 minutes away from school.</p>

<p>7:30AM - ENG 1BH (In class write)
12:00PM - COMM 1A (MONOLOGUE where I had to memorize my 300 word speech WORD FOR WORD. I talked to other COMM 1A students and they tell me they did not have to do this ridiculous task!)
3:00PM - STATS 10 (Math final...)</p>

<p>THANK GOODNESS THAT'S OVER. It sucked that I couldn't petition to reschedule any of these tasks...</p>

What was your most stressful day?</p>

<p>I LOVE this thread haha. It couldn't have come at a more perfect time. I just finished my last final..... I'M FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Onto Berkeley!</p>

<p>Anyway, my most stressful day was easily this semester.</p>

<p>I'm a major procrastinator.....I mean it's really bad. (Ex: all-nighter last night and Wednesday night lol). However, these days don't even begin to graze the surface of the worst day...or shall I say 2 days of my CCC career.</p>

<p>The online Abnormal Psych class I took this semester was the hardest class I've ever taken. For the first half of the semester, we had to:</p>

<li>Watch the 8 hours of video and take 30 pages of notes (that she checks and grades) for credit.</li>
<li>10 pg. research paper on a topic from the DSM-IV.</li>
<li>200 question in-class midterm on 9 chapters of material (roughly 300 pages). IF you came to the test 1 minute late, the doors were locked, and you were stuck outside. I had nightmares multiple times about being late to this class. </li>
<li>Complete 56 workbook pages.</li>

<p>All of this had to be completed in 2 months (Jan 20 - March 20).... I began every bit of this in the last 2 days. I pulled a double all-nighter - never in my life had I felt so sick and exhausted. I finished nearly all of the homework (busy-work if anything), and then took the test (1/3 of my grade or so) and bombed (C-) my major no less.</p>

<p>The same thing happened for the 2nd half of the semester...procrastinated until the last few days though lol. I managed to do much better on everything. Alas, it was not enough, and I received a B in the class. IMO though, I'm more than satisfied with that lol. I'm so glad it's over. That class killed me and my passion for psych, but I'm hoping UCB will reinvigorate that passion and inspire me.</p>

<p>Anyway, this was my most stressful (double day) lol.</p>

<p>@emil, i can more or less guess at what your eyes felt like after that double all nighter, lol.</p>

<p>Fortunately, my first 2 semesters at CCC have been incredibly easy (especially when compared to high school AP's). I have yet to pull an all nighter. I did have a math final (my last math final ever!!) and an anthro final on the same day 2 weeks ago...but it wasn't very stressful...aced them both =]</p>

<p>my single most stressful day at CCC this year was last Saturday....i could not stay awake for the life of me for my Saturday morning class....i sat in the middle of the class where the instructor focuses and lectures....i was running late so i didnt have my coffee..guys were falling asleep to the left of me....i was nodding off...but the instructor was lecturing right at i started pinching myself....i didnt want to fall asleep....
i pinched and pinched my arm...i pinched hard....i had to stay awake....and the girl behind me gave me a weird look when we left for break.</p>

<p>single most stressful day of CCC this semester...</p>

<p>My most stressful day is probably going to be Tuesday. Two finals. I haven't studied all semester and I need to get ace my Adolescent Lit one in order to pass the class so I don't get a possible rescind of my acceptance to UCD. </p>

<p>I guess the weekend is going to be stressful too, what with the studying, but my prof is handing back our research papers AFTER we take the final on Tuesday. That's gonna make me anxious as hell while taking the final. I've calculated the points to where I will know my grade for the class as soon as I look at the grade for that paper. If it's below an 85, I'm screwed. I'm gonna see if my friend can drop me off/pick me up that day because I'm honestly scared to drive home if the news is bad :/</p>

<p>Emil, I was the Queen of Procrastination back in CCC...that class is nothing compared to what I've been through, haha! Definitely brush that off because, as you should know, it won't work here at Cal! Well, if you want to stay competitive that is! </p>

<p>Be happy it's over with! Go have a great summer...(for those of you finished, of course).</p>

<p>what is stress?</p>


<p>when you have bagels and no cream cheese. or vise versa.</p>

<p>I didn't do THE research paper in my Soc10 Research Methods class. The next day, I started to feel the consequences of that move.... </p>

<p>My teacher said at the HIGHEST I'd get a C. He gave me a B-. Bless his soul.</p>

<p>Sakura, I'll keep that message by heart this fall.</p>

<p>Dang Emil, I just read your post... Yup I pulled 2 consecutive all-nighters during Fall 09 finals week. Math 1C (Calc 3) & Soc 10 (Research Methods) finals FTL....</p>

<p>^how u do on the finals?</p>

<p>None, CC was easy.</p>

<p>Really though I was pretty lucky and have never taken more than 15 units in a semester so I've never had too cramped final schedules or whatever. Though it did seem that every semester there was a week or so where all my classes would have a midterm or project due, in particular in Spring 09 I had a programming project (250+ lines of code), a programming midterm, pre-calc midterm, sociology paper, history midterm and paper all in the span of 5-6 days, was kind of rough but not one particularly bad day.</p>

<p>nujabes, well I got a B- in Soc10 so I probably did at least all right on the final (e-mail format, diff/sim between quantitative and qualitative research methods). Math 1C I probably did pretty well on (I studied the whole night, first all nighter of the 2) since I had a B and got a final grade of an A-. :)</p>

<p>honors calc 1+2</p>

<p>one of the tests I did for it.
pulled an all nighter and was running on caffeine. Got to the class and couldn't stop thinking about this girl who I had been going out with, I'd just been broken up with and it hit hard.</p>

<p>almost 2 years later all I have to say is "THANK YOU KELSI FOR SAVING MY DAMN TIME, YOU WEREN'T WORTH IT" every so often that ***** comes to me and complains about her boyfriend or some other crap. She is just about the whiniest ***** I've come across. I'm free and I'm glad.</p>

<p>but yeah No Sleep + ***** + Hard Test = Stress</p>

<p>TMI man ^ This is a college forum not a myspace bulletin.</p>

<p>We've all been there before though.we've all had our needy times.
and integration and proofs never help.</p>

<p>I concur with audioslavery</p>