Single People and Marriage

<p>Why is it that some people will never get married?</p>

<p>1) They never find anyone they love.
2) They are "confirmed bachelors (or bachelorettes)".
3) They are gay and aren't allowed.
4) They aren't good with long-term relationships.
5) No one loves them.</p>

<p>My perfect mate would have amazing facial bone structure and very English. I hope I get married young, around 23 or 24. One of my greatest fears is divorce- I was never exposed to that kind of thing until I moved to Orlando, where nearly everybody's parents are separated. Divorce is nearly non-existent in my family.</p>

<p>I don't believe in that whole soul mate thing... and maybe some people just never find the "right" one. It's not always love at first site...</p>

<p>(sigh) I'm such a romantic.</p>

<p>Wow...wasn't expecting a personal ad</p>

<p>Ehhh...what about genetic reasons? Like they feel they're too ugly or don't want to pass certain unattractive/disabled traits to their offspring?</p>

<p>What is a 'confirmed bachelor(ette)?"</p>

<p>Some people don't believe in it. Like, they don't believe that people are meant to be monogamous, and they think that people change too much to be with one person throughout the majority of their life.</p>

<p>What about reports that married people live longer than single people?</p>

<p>a confirmed bachelor usually is terminology for "gay"</p>

<p>my dad got married once, to my mom, then divorced her and never looked back. no more marriage for him. but he's British so he doesn't count.</p>

<p>I think that some people just never get married because they just don't get around to it, or they don't want to. simple.</p>

<p>I don't know if you meant to be offensive, but I found your comment "a confirmed bachelor usually is terminology for gay."
Not where I live. It's offensive because it implies that gay men don't commit or have serious relationships. That's just not true.
I've heard a few of my straight guy friends call themselves "confirmed bachelors" but never any of my female friends, straight or gay, and never any of my gay male friends.
I just thought that was really weird comment and have never heard of that being code for gay.</p>

<p>calm down</p>

<p>that's just the old South way of implying something. If you read old books, generally "confirmed bachelor" implies homosexuality. </p>

<p>Urban Dictionary is torn on the subject:</p>

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<p>and please, don't give me the run about "it's offensive because it implies gay men don't commit or have serious relationships" clearly it's not about that. political correctness makes me gag.</p>

<p>slipstream99, pretty much summed it all up.</p>

<p>To add an answer though, some people believe that they and their prospective partner will inevitably change and therefore don't think they could be with someone for en entire lifetime or rather mid-twenties to death.</p>

<p>Like Effulgent, divorce is nonexistent in my family as well but that doesn't mean they all have good marriages. In fact I can only think of maybe 2-3 couples in my family that actually have good marriages and I come from a family consisting of 12 aunts and uncles who also went to procreate profusely (pretty big family). </p>

<p>So from my viewpoint, good worthwhile marriages (not the "let's just stay together for the kids") are somewhat hard to come by. Therefore, if you aren't going to have one of those worthwhile marriages, then why bother getting married at all? Another reason why someone might not get married.</p>

<p>Effulgent, when you say "amazing facial bone structure" do you mean the "chiseled" jaw like Brad Pitt or Jacob Young?</p>

<p>By confirmed bachelor I meant someone like Henry Higgins (I guess you could argue that he and Pickering are a little suspicious, but I strongly doubt it). What I mean is someone who just doesn't want to get "tied down".</p>

<p>Lol... sorry about the "personal ad." I just went off on a tangent... But myway, I don't find Brad Pitt very attractive. But yeah, I didn't mean the "chiseled" jaw as much as the James Marsters-esque cheekbones.</p>

<p>My parents have an excellent marriage. On my dad's side of the family, nearly all the marriages are solid, if not all. On my mom's side... well, her siblings are rather reckless and not quite intelligent. Nearly all of them have rocky marriages.</p>

<p>My cousin is nearly 40 and not married/has never been married. She's pretty and kind and somewhat wealthy, but she's committed to her job. Maybe some feel they're too busy to ever get settled down.</p>