Single-sex hallway?

<p>Where I'm going (Brown), there's an option to request single-sex hallways. The dorm building that houses these hallways is said to be particularly nice, with lofts/skylights in some rooms and sinks in all. Also, I'm thinking that I want to study a lot in college, and the people who would choose single-sex are probably similar to me in that way. </p>

<p>Should I go with the single-sex?</p>

<p>It's strictly a matter of personal preference, unless the amenities in single-sex hallways is superior or inferior to coed hallways. You can always try one as a freshman and the other as a sophomore.</p>

<p>i live in a single sex hall. it's pretty good because we have one of the cleanest bathrooms in the dorm and we've all become really close. think sorrority sister-esque.</p>

<p>also, the building holds 300 students, and all but 2 others are coed, so it's not like there's not guys around. it's worthwhile.</p>

<p>I lived in dorms for two years and the floors were co-ed with single sex bathrooms. I liked the atmosphere because it was "relaxed." What do I mean? I stayed with a friend (a girl) at another school and the dorms were single sex by floor. I had to go to another floor to use the bathroom and was not allowed to walk around on her floor without a female student escorting me. I thought that was very ridiculous.</p>

<p>I wouldn't go for it, but that's just my preference. Even my mom is against it, which surprises me. I don't want to be in a floor of only dudes that could walk around naked if so inclined, and she doesn't want me being on a floor with a bunch of troublemakers with no girls to keep them in check.</p>

<p>I'm in a co-ed building that's shaped like an L, with guys down one side of the L and girls down the other side. I love my building. The girls are all really tight, but we've got the guys around for their crazy antics....and not around when it's time to just chill. It's really nice, and we share a kitchen and lounge and laundry room in the middle. So the floor itself is co-ed, the hallway is single sex. I like it a lot. And there's no weird restrictions, either, so everyone moves between hallways.</p>

<p>My experience is different than what aim78 suggests. </p>

<p>On an all-guys floor its almost like being in a fraternity without having to rush or risk being dropped; you have a bunch of friends instantly just because you live there. Sure its going to be a little noisier but if you NEED to study they have libraries on campus, right?</p>

<p>By contrast a coed frosh floor can be like HS all over again. There are cliques that form, and instead of having 70 people in one group you have a bunch of little groups of 5-10 people who are repeating the HS clique game. By sophomore year coed floors get a lot better, people have dropped the silly games.</p>

<p>This is just my experience, but if someone asked for my advice I'd say there's no problem with the single-sex floor frosh year and in fact it can be better.</p>

<p>Mikemac makes a lot of sense. In fact, I think that's exactly how it be anywhere you go, it's just the way our age group behaves. But college is as good a time as any to start interacting with the opposite sex.</p>

<p>But now that I think of it, damn. Single sex could be good. Why would one voluntarily ask to be put in a living environment with a bunch of girls? Very few girls are friendship material, that's the Elaine Benes type. Plus the cooties.</p>