single student housing??

<p>out of the 3 single student housing (SSA) which has the most undergrad students living in them?</p>

<p>how far from campus is each one?</p>

<p>the arbors, lexington, and primero grove, which do you like best, why?</p>

<p>Primero Grove would be the best IMO because it is on campus. But truthfully, since The Arbors/Lexington are pretty much downtown, it's not too far from campus either. It takes about 10-15 minutes to walk to campus. If you bike, it's half of that time. The Arbors / Lexington may be a few blocks away, but is right next to an In-N-Out (which can be a good or bad thing :)). </p>

<p>Arbors/Lexington use Comcast as their internet/cable (thru a contract from Student Housing) so it's not the residential network -- this would be a positive if you like to download a lot and fear that the university will suspend your internet.</p>