Singletary Scholarship

Does anyone know when they begin to invite people for interviews for the Singletary scholarship, and what kinds of stats people have that usually receive the scholarship? Also, is it pretty much a guarantee if you get a singletary interview, but don’t end up receiving the scholarship, that you’ll receive the presidential? Thanks.

I’m curious to know as well.

I have heard that the number of full scholarships is limited and I do know someone who interviewed for competitive scholarships and only got the Bluegrass partial offer. I believe there may be special considerations for National Merit and a governor’s award (for in state).

Info I got last year, from UK, in anticipation of my daughter applying this year: We had approximately 900 students apply for the Singletary Scholarship this year, 150 students were interviewed and 25 scholarships were offered.

DS18 had 35 ACT, NMF, 4.0 UW and 4.5 weighted, 13 APs, pretty decent ECs. Interviewed for Singletary but did not receive the scholarship. As NMF he was offered the Patterson, which is financially equivalent.

I think the Singletary is so competitive you need top stats, but can’t count on stats alone.

Is anyone aware of someone who has received a call for an interview yet for this year?

My daughter just got a call from UK saying she’s been invited to interview for the Singletary. They must be notifying people now. Interviews are week of 1/14.

Got my call the other day as well. Does anyone know of how many people usually interview, or what kinds of questions they ask? Also how professional should I dress, is a suit too much?