SIR deferred

I got my SIR deferred from UCR but I’m currently waitlisted for Cal Poly Slo. If I get off the waitlist, and decide to go to SLO instead, would I still need to pay the SIR fee?

How long do you have until you need to SIR to UCR?

If you get off the waitlist list prior to UCR’s SIR deferred deadline, then no, you do not need to pay the SIR fee or enroll at UCR. But as a courtesy, I would email UCR and thank them for extending your SIR deadline even though you changed your mind.

They allowed me to submit my SIR til Wednesday and the payment will be on my fall tuition statement. The thing is I don’t know when SLO will release who got off the waitlist. UCR is like my safety school.

Unless SLO admits you by Wednesday, then I would SIR to UCR. You can always withdraw your SIR from UCR but you will lose the enrollment deposit.

My enrollment deposit would be due during the fall term though. So even if I withdraw from UCR, I would still pay?

I would get clarification from UCR since they deferred your SIR and enrollment deposit. Several UC’s have deferred the deadline to SIR but not the enrollment deposit unless you qualify for a substantial amount of financial aid.