SIR question

<p>Hey guys i got a quick question about the sir,</p>

<p>Im dependent know but by the time school starts ill be independent, when i fill out my sir should i click that im dependent even though on my fafsa and the by the time i actually get to school i wont be?</p>

<p>If you are dependent today and you plan on SIRing today, you are dependent. so go with dependent</p>

<p>Thanks, just made it official ucla here i come!</p>

<p>Yay! Congrats :]</p>

<p>Im so excited! I can’t wait to get my UCLA life started! do you guys know if there’s a ucla transfer facebook page? 8-)</p>

<p>There are two. Do you want the one specifically for 2012 transfers? I’ll PM you the links right now.</p>

<p>Thanks I appreciate it! ^^^</p>