Six Flags Physics quick question

<p>My physics class will be going to six flags, to gather and analyze some data. We are also having a photo contest. Do you think I'd be able to hold a camera above my head and take a photo, when the ride shoots the train out at 70mph, with out dropping it?</p>

<p>try doing it in a car at 70mph, hold your hand out the window with something the size and weight of the camera. you could always use a strap that the camera came with</p>

<p>which ride? and use a strap</p>

<p>lots and lots of tape and glue?</p>

<p>what are you trying to take a picture of, it will be really blurry unless its a picture of yourself on the ride( i would imagine)</p>

<p>Alright I'm an expert on this subject! Many years ago I was considered to be a very active member of the Rollercoaster Enthusiast community. During this time I started up a nifty (:( now defunct) website that in it's day took in in the order of 5 million hits. Of course my readers wanted pictures of rides, and occasionally I would do some on ride photography...</p>

<p>Short answer is yes it is completely possible... However unless you've been on A LOT of coasters, and you know every little bump in that ride you're going to have a difficult job. My advice is to sit in the front row and take the shots from there... Don't hold the camera up since that is going to cause more movement. A lot depends on the type of ride your going on as well.</p>

<p>I'm guessing you're heading to Six Flags St. Louis, so I'll base it on that... I've never been there, but just trust me on this... If for example you try to get a picture on Screaming Eagle, you'll have little to know luck. The ride was built by PTC who is known for rather rough coasters. Batman is a B&M (company known for smooth coasters) however it'll be hard to get a good picture due to the quick pacing... If you want the best pictures I susgest you try on Boss (built by CCI known for smooth rides). If you get really good you can pull off Mr. Freeze. River King Mine Train would also be pretty easy to get pictures on. </p>

<p>Alright that's all I'm going to post on this... I know I gave more info then you'd ever need to know, but I used to be a coaster expert and just remember this random stuff.</p>

<p>So I ended up doing it, and it was pretty crazy. I have photos of being upside on the "the freeze", along with the 70mph launch, with the coin trick. Pictures explain it. Also have some of "the Boss" along with a few others. I'll post those on my site, when I get them developed.</p>

<p>Kinglin send me a PM when you post them, and give me a link... It's a trick to get good on ride pictures, I'd like to see them.</p>