six sat subject tests!

<p>hey guys!
i am new to collegeconfidential
and i just wanted to hear you guy's opinions! :)
well, i took pretty rigorous classes during my junior year
Ap Calc BC
Ap Physics B
Ap Biology
Ap Language Arts...
so since i took these ap classes i decided to take the sat subject tests june
and i checked my score and i got
800 in math II
790 in biology M
780 in physics... honestly, i was pretty surprised with the score, i wasnt expecting this high!
and in total, i took six...
including 800 in chemistry, 800 in korean and 750 in world history.
i was talking to my friend today and she told me that colleges dont like it if students take too many sat subject tests because it looks like i do nothing but study
and i got scared:(
is it bad that i took this many test?</p>

<p>Just submit the top 2-3, or the ones most relevant to what you’d like to study since all of your scores are all great! Colleges don’t care about any more than 3. I honestly think you’re in a great situation- better to have taken too many (and get good scores) than not taken enough.</p>

<p>When you send in SAT scores, you send all of them, unless you do score choice.</p>

<p>Colleges don’t care how many SAT IIs you take so you can send all and for a number of colleges which require all scores you have to send all. Most will use the highest two to evaluate admission and thus having all those extra test scores will neither hurt nor help.</p>

<p>You did great on all of them. You should send all of the SAT IIs grades and the college will pick which to use when going through the application process. Sending that many could only benefit you, not hurt you.</p>

<p>^I agree. You recieved really great scores on all of them! I doubt you would be significantly penalized by the number of tests you took considering your scores</p>