Sixth College Opinion?

So I got accepted into UCSD - Sixth College with a major in Human Biology… Is that a good thing? I placed the Sixth College as my third top choice with Muir and Revelle being above it. I’ve been hearing mixed reviews about the dorms and its location in the campus. Should I be worried about it?

Hi there! I cannot provide the perspective of an actual UCSD student, but I am also a Human Biology major in Sixth. Unlike you, however, I put Sixth as my first choice! Initially, I was quite worried about my decision having looked more into the college after I received my acceptance (because I didn’t even plan on staying in-state, but due to circumstances I am). But looking at the GEs, they align quite nicely with this major. You get a decent breadth of knowledge with a variety of topics, but it doesn’t hinder your academic path, at least from what I have been gathering from other students as well as the comparison and four year plan tools the official website provides. If you’re interested in Culture, Arts, and Technology, the GEs won’t be a problem. That’s the only real difference between the colleges, anyways. They are also easier than half of the UCSD colleges from what I’ve heard. ERC’s and Revelle’s are much more difficult apparently.

Regarding the structure and placement of Sixth itself, I wouldn’t fret over it. Sure, you don’t get an ocean view from the dorms, and the college is located on the east side of the campus with Warren versus the other four colleges on the west. Not a big deal, just walk the extra distance or get a bike (that’s what I’m doing if I dorm). Because Sixth College res halls are very close and intimate, I’ve read around that it is actually the most social school out of all the colleges. They apparently used to be barracks, so the outside may not look as refined as the remaining colleges, and they can get quite cramped with triples, but the apartments are incredible. Some freshman are even placed in apartments, but many prefer the res halls for the experience. I would imagine you could simply adapt to it. You’ll probably won’t spend much time in your dorms anyways if you’re like me with friends scattered all around campus.

Congrats on your acceptance! I hope this eases your mind :slight_smile: This information certainly eased mine.

Sixth is kind of a meme around campus just because of its dining hall and location, but it’s actually a pretty chill place. Most people I know in Sixth made a lot of friends and didn’t mind their living situation. It’s nothing to stress about, and the second-year apartments are actually some of the nicest on campus. For an incoming freshman, @eas4vr has a pretty good handle on the situation