Size of Lawrence - intramurals, clubs

My son is accepted to UMich and Lawrence with a significant scholarship at Lawrence. LU is smaller than his high school and he is really wondering about nonmusic opportunities like chess or club sports (frisbee) having enough kids to be worthwhile. He does play an instrument & plans to continue without majoring.

@Kimster111 Hello! My D graduated from Lawrence last spring. I can’t really speak to specifics about any of the clubs, my gut feeling is that some are active and some are not depending on the shifts of the student body as it is a small school. I would suggest that you look at the website and see if there is a contact for a particular activity- I took a quick look and there is a contact email for ultimate frisbee and your son could ask about the level of participation and if it draws an active cohort. There is a contact for intramural sports also. My D was a 3 season varsity athlete and active in a sorority so was not involved in any clubs while she was there. Great school though, she loved it! Will your son be able to visit before he makes a decision?
Also, my S attended UM so if you have any questions regarding the differences I could try to answer. Good luck to your son!

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There are lots of clubs and activities. You can really contribute at Lawrence. I hope your son had a chance to visit.