SJSU Fall 2020 Transfer Process

Hey guys, I just wanted to start a forum with the whole process of going into sjsu. As of now the only question I have is how to update our grades from Fall quarter?

Submit supplemental application by January 30, 2020
Check with SJSU for further details:‚Äč/

Hi! SJSU released admissions early today!

Hi everyone, nice to meet you! :smile:
I was wondering if anyone applied to either Accounting or Finance major at SJSU? My major is Finance and was accepted to SJSU in finance too. However, I was wondering whether SJSU Accounting is better than its finance? Is it easier for SJSU Accounting major to get jobs than its Finance major?

Thank You!

Also, just a reminder for every transfer student to SJSU that the deadline to submit SJSU Intent to Enroll is May 1st! :smile: