SJSU Fall 2020 Transfer

Hey, everyone! I thought I’d start a new post regarding admission to SJSU for transfers.

Major: Economics
GPA: 3.63
AA-T/AS-T?: Yes
Pre-reqs: Done
Golden Four: Yes
Local: No (Sacramento Area)
Applied: Cal Poly SLO, SDSU, Long Beach (Accepted), SJSU (accepted)

Major: Aerospace Engineering
GPA: 3.81
AA-T/AS-T?: Yes. AS-T Math.
Pre-reqs: No. I have 3 core classes left to do.
Golden Four: Yes
Local: Yes, San Leandro Area
Applied: SJSU(accepted), CSUMB(accepted), SFSU, UCB, UCLA and UCR


Major: Business Administration-Finance
GPA: 3.73
Major GPA: 4.0
AS-T: Yes
Pre-reqs: All Completed
Golden Four: Yes (A, A, A, A)
IGETC: Completed
Local: East Bay

Accepted: SJSU, SF State, Sac State, Cal State East Bay
Pending: Cal Poly SLO, UC Berkeley-Haas, UCR, UCSB, UC Davis, Chico
Rejected: SDSU

Admission: Accepted!!

Major: Business Admin - General
GPA: 3.54
AD-T/AS-T: Yes
Prereqs: complete!
Golden Four: math + comm will be completed by end of spring, 1 AP from high school and an A
Local: No, Cypress College (orange county)
Applied: SDSU (waiting), CSULB (accepted), CSUF (accepted), SJSU (accepted)


Major: Computer Science
GPA: 3.29
AA-T/AS-T?: No
Pre-reqs: All but one
Golden Four: Yes
Local: No
Applied: Cal Poly SLO, Long Beach (Rejected), SJSU (accepted), CSUCI(accepted), Humboldt(accepted), UCLA,UCI,UCSC,UCSB,UCSD,UCB

Sadly it may just be for your alternate major… I am a 3.56 for CS and saw conditional admit tonight, but I am guessing that it is for Chemical Engineering :frowning: I’ll just go to another school if so

@heyhey408 Click this link and login. You should be able to download a copy of your acceptance letter which is in the bottom. It should say your major on the letter specifically.



Major: Photography
GPA: 3.99
AA-T: yes, spring 2020 (Studio Art)
Pre-reqs: last one this spring
G4: A’s
Local: No, central coast CA.
Applied: Sac State (accepted). Cal Poly SLO

Were people with under the 3.85 GPA admitted for CS even though they were below the conditional admit threshold?

Accepted on 02/21!

Major: Economics
GPA: 3.66
AA-T/AS-T?: No
Pre-reqs: Done
Golden Four: Yes (AAAA)
Local: Sort of, San Mateo County
Applied: SJSU and SDSU (still pending)


Major: Philosophy
AD-T: Yes
GPA: 3.12
Local: no, NorCal

Applied: Sac State (accepted), SDSU (rejected, opt to waitlist), Long Beach State (accepted), Cal Poly SLO (accepted), UCR (accepted), UCSC (accepted)

Waiting for: UCLA (although I know it’s a loonnnggg stretch lol), UCSB, UCD