SJSU Impaction Thresholds and Aerospace Engineering

Looking at the 2022 index for SJSU, I see that the Mechanical Engineering was 4500, but Aerospace Engineering was much less at only 3280. I was very surprised by this because it seems that AE has lower acceptance rates at most other schools I have researched. Do you happen to know why AE at this school is less competitive? (My son qualifies for AE with his 4236, but not ME.)

Not sure why Aerospace Engineering has a lower threshold than many of the other Engineering majors but for some students, Aerospace might be too specialized and ME gives graduates more job options. I do know that to work in Aerospace you are not limited to a specific degree. There are many ME programs that have courses specific to Aerospace so a student can still specialize as a ME with an Aerospace concentration.

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Yes, I agree that AE might be too specialized and that he should shoot for Mechanical Engineering. I would love your thoughts on Robotics Engineering … it is another option he is considering as an alternative to ME.

Robotics Engineering is a new field/ major so I would check for schools that are ABET accredited and also the curriculum. Again it seems like a very specialized major so it really depends on your student’s career plans.

I would also look into the process of changing majors within the college if Robotics or Aerospace are not a good fit.

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Changing major to an engineering major at SJSU is described here: Change of Major: Written Policy | Engineering Student Success Center

Note that the major’s current impaction GPA that must be met to change into a major is the most recently determined transfer admission threshold GPA for the major.

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