SJSU vs UCR for bioengineering?

I’ve been accepted into SJSU and UCR for bioengineering but have no idea where to go.
I know they both have pretty good engineering programs and UCR has a lot of research facilities for bioEngineering.

SJSU pros
-close to silicon valley which mean jobs
-engineering program is good
-i assume its hard to graduate in 4 yrs since the classes are so impacted
-the campus isn’t really my cup of tea since its in the downtown area

UCR pros
-far away from home
-they have very good research facilities
-low tier UC (don’t know if its name holds that much credibility)

I don’t know where to go so any help would be appreciated :))

Currently in the same situation. Which school did you end up choosing?

This discussion is 2 years old and the original poster is long gone. Closing this thread.